Welcome to eDuuka

Uganda's best Mobile and Web Application Development Studio

In the Simple words of Steve Jobs, Excellence is not only doing the best but going all out even in the areas that are seemingly not very important. It gives us a good night sleep, knowing that our Clients/Cutomers have the best


We beleive that aplications are meant to be Simple to use, very Inteligent, customizable with a gentle learning curve, this is the motive behind every design and solution done by Our Genius Team


The best way to buid human centered solutions is to release working versions each one having the udates pointed out by the targeted audience. This model has been tested and it is the way we do things at eDuuka.

Why Our Clients Matter

For any business to survive and this is the sole purose for every business owner, whether Small or big, the Client/Cutomer has to be a very happy one.
"A Customer is the only one that can fire everyone in the company and shut it down. How? They can simply decide to go and spend their money else where" -- Unknown

  • Accuracy and great attention to detail in the design process. You have gained a lifetime client.

    Andrew, CEO, Start-Ups and Projects
  • I'm impressed on a multiple levels and finally have a design that I'm proud of!

    Explorer Dubai Limited