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Software development is our passion, we dedicate all our effort towards ensuring that the mobile platform soution that we build for your Established company OR Organization is tailored to bringing out your CORE VALUES while delivering the ultimate value to your customers.

Échrise, Narturing Leaders, Setting a Standard while Defining Perfection.

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Our recent works

Échrise is more than a Software development company, it is the one stop point for those that are looking for a standout company to build cutting edge mobile platform solutions.

Zebra Online Motor Insurance App

Zebra Online Motor Insurance is a platform where you can place your motor insurance order and certificates will be delivered to any given location in Uganda.
This will bridge the gap that has been there between motor owners and insurance companies and the time wasted during this process.

BulkText App

BulkTexts app gives you the power to choose and send a custom or normal message. A custom message inlcudes the name of the person that you intend to send the message to. The custom Message format is Hello @, you are dearly loved. The "@" sign will be replaced with the name as it appears in your phonebook


TravoApp offers you a conveniet, safe and cost effective system to manage your
travel schedules allowing you more time to engage in other productive activities


Start-Ups and Projects

We have been working with Échrise since 2014 and honestly, i have not met a dedicated team like this one.


Known Humphrey for over 8 years now, and i love his hands on character, so when it was time to build this website, there ewas no better person.


With Échrise's vast experience in e-commerce, we were 100% conviced they would be the right team to work on our platform

Start-Ups and Projects

We approached Échrise with this idea but no start-up capital hoping to figure something out and we were shocked at how responsive and receptive they were.


Before we contacts Échrise, our website was not that great and not responsive at all. They definately know what they are doing.


A responsive website was our 1st priority and Échrise has more than delivered on this burgain.