Software Development

Building great software is a our passion, and to be effective we understand the need for great communications, mainly listening to the needs of the client and fully understanding the goals of the project. It’s the only way we can build the software application you need.

Web App Development

Most of our clients do something other than software development for a living. They hire us to build custom software, but they also need us to help them make good decisions about their software project. There are a lot of moving parts to a software application, we do our best to explain things in terms a non-technical person will understand. And that’s the point, right? We help you make an informed decision, not impress you with technical jargon.

Mobile App Development

Today, mobile app development is becoming a big part of our business. We build custom iPhone and Android apps for a variety of uses. We have been developing mobile apps since 2011 in the days of J2ME. Although we don’t build mobile app games, we do build mobile apps for a variety of other industries

Database Modeling

Because of the numerous and different types of databases, applications, systems and NoSQL data stores, many organizations are finding the current state of their data to be complex, unreliable, inconsistent and not easy to work with. This can often lead to misunderstandings, lack of trust, disorganization, errors, low utilization and, ultimately, poor decision making. Getting this sorted, with a seamless digital solution, is where we come in.


Start-Ups and Projects

We have been working with Échrise since 2014 and honestly, i have not met a dedicated team like this one.


Known Humphrey for over 8 years now, and i love his hands on character, so when it was time to build this website, there ewas no better person.


With Échrise's vast experience in e-commerce, we were 100% conviced they would be the right team to work on our platform

Start-Ups and Projects

We approached Échrise with this idea but no start-up capital hoping to figure something out and we were shocked at how responsive and receptive they were.


Before we contacts Échrise, our website was not that great and not responsive at all. They definately know what they are doing.


A responsive website was our 1st priority and Échrise has more than delivered on this burgain.